Tsum Valley with ancient name as ‘Beyul Kyimolung’ which means Valley of Happiness comes from old Tibetan language, a scenic and amazing country to experience once in your life time adventure.

Tsum Valley trekking takes you around hidden territory of high and remote Gorkha district located within Nepal Far North Mid-West in between massive bulk of mountains Ganesh and Manaslu Himal.

A forbidden Shangri-la remains as restricted land but been opened for visitors since last past two decades where trekker and adventurer requires special permit to enter around wonderful Tsum Valley.

Tsum Valley Trekking an interesting place to visit where you can observe time-forgotten windswept country and its unique villages similar to Tibetan way of traditional and heritage life engaged in farming and cattle herding of Yaks and other domesticated animals.

The village of Tsum makes the adventure more delightful and worth a visit, as you immerse within local culture and custom of Buddhism religion and visiting its impressive monasteries of great interest.

Tsum Valley trekking where walks takes you on the same trail of Manaslu route for some days, as journey diverts from Jagat and Deng heading into unknown and least visited areas of beautiful Tsum valley and its nice villages.

Walk lead past several nice traditional villages visiting Chokan-Paro and then reaching one of the best places of Tsum at Nyle village where altitude gains gradually with cooler fresh mountain air, around Nyle a wonderful village to explore and to observe local ancient culture and custom.

From Nyle on walks to Mu-Gompa takes you around interesting meditation cave of 11th Century saint, poet and tantric Guru Milereppa, and then reach the highlight of the adventure at Mu-Gompa which is the highest spot of the journey at 3,700 m high.

Enjoy its scenic location direct north and behind of great Ganesh Himal, known as Yangri by the local Tsum people, after a glorious time around high areas of Tsum return journey on same trail with visit of another old monastery of Rachen, then on downhill to reach low warm area around heavily farm villages.

Walk into valley and river gorge to reach at Soti-Khola for exciting long drive back to Kathmandu, after a unique and marvelous adventure and experience on Tsum Valley Trekking.

Season for Tsum Valley Trekking:

March to May with September and October months from spring and autumn / fall seasons, best months and high season from March to May when days are longer with much sunlight hours clear morning till late afternoon, chances of light shower and snow on mid hills above 2,000 m high.

In spring season, hills are alive with bright colors from wild-flowers in full bloom especially the rhododendron of various species from tall trees to bush, also a national flower of Nepal.

Another peak times to visit from mid September and October months when days are clear for mountain views and pleasant walks, much shorter sun-light hours due to autumn / fall season.

Freezing cold temperature in the morning and night times above 1,800 meters higher can expect snow above 2,500 m onward.