Langtang Himal Tamang Heritage Trail Trekking a marvelous journey within Old Trans Himalaya Caravan and Salt Route of Nepal to Tibet / China, where trade between two countries is still active, as well the main door to reach Tibet.

Langtang Himal Tamang Heritage Trail, where all age-group from family, school / collage groups as well for corporate type people to enjoy pleasant and peaceful time away from hectic routine of daily life.

A short and scenic adventure of week duration where one can immerse within beautiful views of high peaks of Ganesh and Langtang Himal as walk takes you into several interesting villages populated by Tamang indigenous tribes of Langtang and Central Himalaya.

Tamang an ancient tribe of Mongolian and Tibetan origin migrated and settled around Nepal Himalaya since last three thousands ago, bringing with them immense old culture and heritage traditions of both Buddhism and Bon sect (pre-Buddhism religion).

The ancient custom and simple life of farming and cattle herding the main occupation of Tamang people along with skill craftsmanship on woods and musical instruments, as Tamang a happy and well contended tribes enjoy merrymaking of songs and dances.

On the Langtang Himal Tamang Heritage Trail adventure where visitors can observe a great culture visiting its lovely villages and monasteries of great religious and historical interest along with grand mountain views makes this walk an awesome journey.

Season for Langtang Himal Tamang Heritage Trail Trekking:

Nearly all months of the year from March to May and September till February within spring-autumn / fall and winter times, except the summer and monsoon wet season of June to mid September heavy rains on southern side of Langtang Himalaya range.

Best months and high season is from March to May when days are longer with much sunlight hours clear morning till late afternoon, chances of light shower and snow on mid hills above 2,000 m high.

Spring seasons, hills are alive with bright colors from wild-flowers in full blooming time especially the rhododendron of various species from tall trees to bush, also a national flower of Nepal.

Another peak times to visit from mid September to December months when days are clear for mountain views and pleasant walks, much shorter sun-light hours due to autumn and winter season.

Freezing cold temperature in the morning and night times above 1,800 meters higher can expect snow above 2,500 m onward.