Dhulikhel Hill takes you to an old Newari town of more than 500 years, where visitors can enjoy excellent views of dramatic landscapes of high rolling hills in the backdrop of tall Himalayan mountain range.

Located 35 km away from Kathmandu city towards east and off the valley rim beyond Bhaktapur city to reach at Dhulikhel Hill with many Mountain Resorts and hotels for overnights stay with rooms and terraces facing grand views of snow-capped peaks.

Besides superb mountain panorama includes super sunrise and sunset views as well a perfect place to while away your hours spending for a day or more on this lively town of Dhulikhel, situated on old Friendship Highway of Nepal and Tibet / China as well on route to Jiri for classic and original route to Everest.

At Dhulikhel enjoy fabulous walks around the town of interesting artistic skill within Newar people communities, where streets lined with old brick houses, carved wooden windows, sloping roofs, pagoda temples and sacred statues and shrines everywhere, an interesting and major places of worship which you can visit Narayan and Harisiddhi temples adorned with profuse wood carvings.

The Bhagawati temple situated on top is the western part of Dhulikhel that dominates the skyline, where you can catch beautiful vista of town and surrounding areas with many other vintage points in Dhulikhel that offers a panorama of the Himalaya with stunning sunrise that will leaves you dazzled facing views in the harmony of local culture.

After Dhulikhel catching morning sunrise over array of peaks, then visit holy site at Namobuddha within tranquil environment lined with tall pines, firs and rhododendron trees a great place for views of mountains and tour around sacred and holy sites of Buddhism religion.