Historical Lumbini Tour takes you around Lord Buddha’s birth place famously known as ‘Light of Asia’ listed in UNESO World Heritage Sites, where ancient Sakya kingdom was located within the areas of Lumbini.

Lumbini the nerve centre for Buddhism pilgrimage, where young princes Siddhartha renounce the worldly pleasure of palace luxury for hermit life to attain Buddhawood or Nirvana, Enlightened as a great learned knowledgeable saint, a person of immense wisdom.

Lumbini reachable by overland taking a long journey of 6-7 hrs past farm villages and towns to reach Nepal far mid-west Terai belt, the flatland of the country with sub-tropical warm climate, the easiest means taking a short air flight to reach birth place of Lord Buddha a great holy saint.

Over the years since the ancient birth sites of Lord Buddha was re-discovered in 1895, by German archaeologist when he came upon Asoka’s Pillar, identified the inscription, records made by the Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian were also used in the process to identify this religiously acclaimed site.

During your time in Nepal visit of Historical and Religious Lumbini will be a great experience as a traveler or a pilgrim for few days exploring the ancient sites around Lumbini of wonderful and immense interest.