William steven Sisk

Note: Boundless Himalayas Trekking and Expeditions provided surprises and adventures while walking with the very good guide Mr. Sanjok. I can’t say enough about the qualities of my guide and Sanjok. We walked from Jiri to Lukla on and on to the high Everest dome area. The Tea House and sthe food served at the houses diverse and filling. Warm and tasty.Mr. Min Thapa, the managing director of Mongolian is very honest, fare and will do all he can to enhance the trekking experience. He knows Ist hand since he served as guide during his younger years.I walked around town here for 2days checking out other agencies and finally returned to here because of the fast planning and coordination!! Many thanks to all! My good rain down upon us!If you want to see a picture of me, go to my webpage: www.utm.edu/ssisk



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