“5 star Trekking ……… awesome” (M. Turk Oct. 2006)
“…….If you d one trek this lifetime make it a “Min” Mongolian Trek” (J. Wiles Oct. 2006)
” Stunning……Nepal will keep you coming back for more….and more……and more” (M. Turk + J. Wiles Oct. 2006)
…….just some of the reviews of Mongolian Trekking experience.
Seriously- One of the best holidays I’ve ever had. We wanted a “tailor made” trek where we could go at our own pace, eat what we wanted and be as anti-social as possible. So there was non-better than our 8 days out in the sun (and cold) of the Annapurna region.
We will come back again (via south East Asia) and make it the starting point for a belting holiday.
“Tell your friends, tell your friends friends” etc…(M. Turk 2006)
Min is a truly wonderful host – make use of him while you can as there aren’t too many nicer people. — Thanks


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