Your friends from Portugal Mafalda and Hugo

In our first time in Nepal we didn’t meet the Boundless Himalayas Company to do trekking or anything similar, but to have an experience that would change us and change our vision upon the world and life.

We spent almost two beautiful months doing volunteer work in the school of the village where Mr. Min was born, called Dubung.

There is so much to day about Dubung, about its people and about this fabulous experience that we need a book to express everything but we will try to sum it all up: Dubung is an isolation village in the middle of the mountains and hills, with breathtaking views and various houses made out of mud that make us go back in time. The people of Dubung had a perfect synergy with the soil and have an unmatchable hospitality , they do everything and give everything they have and don’t have, to make us feel at home. It was there where we spent moments we will never ever forget, playing with and teaching the children, sharing experiences and laughs with our fellow teachers, eating delicious Daal Bhaat, tarkari, roti, participating in parties, weddings and birthdays, meeting other villages and contacting with nature.

Mr. Min’s family who we lived with became our second family and Dubung our second home. It’s emotional to know that in any way we made the difference and marked the lives of the people of Dubung. In our memories we will never forget them and we promise to come back.

Thank you Mr. Min for this opportunity and for arranging everything for us. You can count on us to share our love for Dubung and its people and help them in any way we can.


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