Hello my little brother,
Being with you was such a wonderful experience. Hopefully you won’t forget our animal voices we did on the Langtang trek. Something like Bock Bock Bock or kiker iki or all the other funny voices we made. Both of us had a good time being the last two on our trek. It was sometimes very difficult for me but you always made me laugh. Like that Piriri song. Sometimes I am trekking, sometimes I’m angry… there is some piriri, talla was easy for didi Mathi difficult. To bring us in your village was a perfect idea.You have always be a very good guide and took good care of us. I wish you the very best for yours business and good provid. Don’t forget us. We won’t forget you my brother. Andwhen youfeel sad, read what we wrote about you and youwill feel better I think we will see each other, even if it’s not in this life.


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