Dennis A de Ende 1 356 19 Braunfds Germany

Thanks so much for this great three weeks that we spent together in Nepal. We all enjoyed this trip very much.
As you know that’s my second visit here in Nepal and I guess this will not be the last one. I really hpe that there’s a chance to see you again, probably it’s when you come to visit us in Germany. Like I told you, you are always welcome to stay in our house.
Anyway, we all know that it wasn’t very easy with us in the mountains, sometimes we were a little bit slow and it was great of you to give us the time we needed. Yours organization was great and we all felt were comfortable at any time. The Langtang – trip was a great experience for us all and to stay in your village with your family was something very special. So take care and I hope to see you again, may be in Nepal, maybe in Germany, maybe this life, maybe next life also.
Yours friend,


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